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Salt and Steel are two fiery and passionate female performers whose earthy, rock, blues and roots inspired sound has been garnishing a growing tribe of committed followers on their beautiful and empowering journey.

Foot stomping rhythms and driving guitar riffs make for a live show that is nothing short of a wild and stormy ride. Salt and Steel encourage their audience to let go, be free and have a whole lot of fun.

“We don’t want to put any limitations on our music or try to tame it so it fits better into the norm…whatever that is. We write what we write and try to stay out of the trap of writing music just to please. We want our listeners to be able to fully express who they are so we challenge ourselves to do the same and be true to ourselves.” - Briony 

Salt and Steel are about sharing peace and love, but they recognise that life isn’t all rainbows and sunshine and that sometimes you just gotta rage and let it all out.

“There is dark and light within us all so why ignore it.” - Briony. 

Salt and Steel are Briony Edgar on guitar and vocals and Elle Steele on drums and percussion. They formed on the road, travelling overseas, when the two desperately decided to give busking a go once their car had broken down and they needed some quick cash. Briony had been playing guitar for a few years but Elle had no experience playing or performing music whatsoever. “since I can remember I’ve always wanted to play drums and then finally the drums came to me.” - Elle

Absolutely loving creating music together it grew to become the focal part of their lives. 

“Music is all we ever want to be doing. It’s our passion, our love and our life” - Elle

Backed now by their history of competition wins, the recent release of their single, “Violet Skies” and National radio play on Triple J and ABC National Radio, Salt and Steel are blazing forward and embarking on a new journey for 2019. They are about to release the next instalment in their elements series with upcoming single The Beast, The Devil and Me on 31st May 2019. This is the second of four interlinked singles to be released in succession and following the themes of the natural elements Air, Fire, Earth and Water.

'Salt and Steel are a dynamic duo who go from strength to strength bringing nothing less than power and passion to their music.' - Nkechi Anele, Triple J Roots n All

"Hooked from the first time we heard them! Salt and Steel will light up any stage, anywhere with their energetic, foot stomping, sweet sounds. Captivating every audience, they don't disappoint.” - Gavin Butlin, Founder of Airlie Beach Festival of Music